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Hotel uniform

Hotel Uniform

Hotel uniform Manufacturer

Alliance linen has long years of experience working as a Hotel uniform manufacturer in India. Work experience of these many years has led us to the exact understanding of the specific needs of hotel owners. We provide wide range in the selection of uniforms like shirts, dresses for ladies, pants, aprons, trousers and many more. You can also choose from a variety of shape choices, including various sizes, colours, and designs. You can get the best hotel uniforms from Alliance Linen, at affordable prices and quality fabrics that will last for years to come.

If you are in the hospitality business then over the years you must have realized, how important the look and feel of hotel uniforms is. Uniform wore by hotel staff should be trendy efficient and modern which will automatically set you apart from others and will provide special identity to your business. Right uniforms will also encourage workers to be more efficient, which is why every business owner should ensure that their hotel or resort staff wear uniforms that look good and reflect their overall brand image.

When it comes to making garment choices and introducing the hotel apparel scheme, the various divisions and employee responsibilities require special attention. Alliance Linen provides professional advice to you throughout the whole process. From a wide range of resort dress, shirts and classic suits for your front desk to heavy-duty maintenance uniforms for your waiters and other staff. Our hotel uniforms are organised into categories that are easy to navigate, and you can shop for uniforms online.

We encourage you to contact us and present your requirements to our experts so that, Our guided consultation will help you concentrate on your needs, budget, and time, and our experts will provide you with smart solutions that are tailored to the needs of your specific particular hotel. Alliance linen hotel uniform manufacturer and supplier will make customized designs, logos for according to your company so that your brand shines through your hotel clothes.

Our business and passion is designing a standardised uniform programme for your entire hotel staff, from front desk uniforms to back end staff uniforms, restaurant aprons and security shirts.

Good quality standards are maintained to ensure anti-pilling, control of shrinkage, fastness of colour, longevity, softness of finish and ease of skin. Here are some of the options for you

  • Hotel Staff Aprons
  • Hotel Staff Shirts
  • Hotel Staff T Shirts
  • Hotel Staff Trouser
  • Hotel Staff Coat & Waist Coats
  • Chef Coats
  • Waiter uniform
  • House Keeping uniform

Now that you have understood the services of alliance linen and its stand in the market as a hotel uniform manufacturer, we would like to tell you that, at alliance linen you will get good quality uniforms under cost effective prices. so you can call our industry experts for any uniforms related queries.


Hotel uniform

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